Pokemon Time and Dark Exploration Team: Diary

I started the Game about 1 week ago.

I first started with Pochaema (Piplup).

My Partner is Navechea (Chimchar).

I first started at Beach Cave when Lassiongo and Cariplues stole the Therackius quantai. I fist battled them and I named my Time Exploration Team: Sharightoeu (The Infinite Power). I continued my Adventure through caverong golp. I started at the Empiourck and ended on the Brongo. I battled Boss Duseknight (Dusknoir). I finally got to the State: Gorustephese Orphanom. I tried to defeat Grovyle but After he tried killing Duseknight I noticed he was a good guy. After Grovyle died with Duseknight we went to the Lucurion Toser (Luminous Tower). I defeated Dialga on The tower and I finished the Game.

I went to a Special Exploration called “krygoure’s Lecopan” (The High Sea’s of Kyogre). I first went to a cave called Nashocainta (Seagroom cave). I battled alot of monsters and the hardest ones were Durkusia (Duskull) and Shubberet (Shuppet). I finally got to the 50th floor and I finally battled Krygoure (kyogre). He was very hard because Loprucius (Lopbunny) didn’t stand a chance.

I went to a Special Exploration called “Griodeoun’s revicis” (Groudon’s Dessert). I went through the cave very easily and Griodeoun wasn’t very hard because I kept on using Hydro Cannon.

I went to a Special Exploration called “Griatanita fes Donplocia” (The Power of Giratina). It was very hard because I needed to battle alot of Duseknight’s (Dusknoir). I finally got to the Bottom floor but Griatanita kept on using Shadow Force. I used Hydro Cannon and my Partner used Burn Blast and Griatanita was defeated. Luckily I recruited Griatanita!

I finally got a Visit to Cargon Caveren and I battled Palkuria. I defeated Palkuria easily but I met 2 other Pokemon and Coriang (Cressila) told me to battle Darkurai (Darkrai). So I started my adventure to Lythrin peka.

I Finally reached Lythrin Suigin and battled Darkurai with Coriang. He was pretty Easy but he will summon alot more Pokemon. After Defeating him, Palkuria Destroys Darkurai and after doing all of that you finished everything in the game.

There are 2 special Explorations called “Sagi Nomerous” (The Lead of Arceus) and “Shemni carbocku” (The Ozone of Shemni).

The Release date of this game is April 20th 2008.

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