Pokemon Rise of Darkrai

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A short time ago, the release date for the 10th pokemon movie The Rise of Darkrai has been annouced. The movie is said to air on Feburary the 24th on Cartoon Network at 7pm, Sunday. However that’s not the only big news to be revealed. The Rise of Darkrai is also said to be released in theaters!
A short time ago, this was said after the pokemon episodes aired, “And be sure to catch the U.S. premiere of ‘The Rise of Darkrai’, months before it plays in theaters!” This could mean that downloads of Darkrai could be hppening there like they do in Japan, at the theaters. The fact that downloads will be happening there hasn’t been confirmed but it is a huge possibility. This is the first itme in ages that a pokemon movie will actually be shown in theaters so this is exciting news for Pokemon.

Well it seems that there was a major mistake made by Cartoon Network with their announcement and The Rise of Darkrai will not air in theaters. Pokemon.com today confirmed this in their mailbag.

Will Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai be released in theatres?

This may come as a disappointment, but despite what you may have all heard, Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai will not have a theatrical release – it will premier on Cartoon Network then be released on DVD

Its disappointing to hear this but its probably for the best. Like the previous few Pokemon movies, this one will come out on DVD and probably not in theaters. Darkrai however is still obtainable but the ways of doing so aren’t known yet.

Sorry but for some reason it won’t be in Theatres.

Movie Guide:

Dialga vs Palkia vs Darkrai (Part 1)

Like how most pokemon movies start off, the narrator explains to people about the world of pokemon as the main pokemon characters from previous pokemon go by. (Mew, Lugia and ect.). The narrator then goes ahead to tell about Ash and the group, how they’re traveling around, aiming to fulfill their dreams.

After the intro, in the dimensional rift, a blast startles some Unknown, sending them flying away. Dialga, the pokemon that rules over time and Palkia, the pokemon that rules over space are shown fighting each other as lighting flashes around in the dark, stormy sky.

Somewhere else, a man is reading a book about certain events that are going to happen in the movie. He says that space and time themselves will clash and engulf the city, destroying it. He however doesn’t quite understand what all these predictions mean. After a while, he shuts his book, which is a diary of someone called Gaudy causing dust to fly everywhere, making him cough. Suddenly, he notices some shaking being detected on his computer and an hourglass on his table starts falling off because of the shaking.

Back at the battle between Dialga and Palkia, the 2 launch an attack each other. Palkia though gets the first hit in by firing an Aura Sphere, hitting Dialga. Dialga quickly responds with Hyper Beam only to have it blocked by a shield from Palkia. Dialga tries again only this time it launches some bullets of energy at Palkia. Palkia also attacks with another Aura Sphere. Both attacks hit their opponent. Suddenly Palkia’s pearl orb starts to shine and it fires a Spacial Rend attack at Dialga. Dialga though sets up its own shield and it immediately strikes back with its Roar of Time attack. This time the attack successfully hits Palkia, damaging the pearl orb. Dialga fires another Hyper Beam attack but Palkia takes flight and dodges the attack. The 2 fly off but continue to launch attacks at each other before a dot of white light appears where the 2 have flown indicating that their attacks have collided.

The screen quickly switches back to the hourglass just in time to see it get shattered when it hit the ground. The title to the movie then appears.

We join Ash, Hikari and Brock on their journey as they head to their next destination, Alamos Town. The reason they’re heading here is because a pokemon contest is scheduled to be held there. As the group gets closer and closer to the top of the hill, they see the peak of Alamos Town. Bursting with excitement, Ash quickly rushes up the hill, eager to find a new opponent to battle. Dawn does the same only she’s eager to prepare for her contest. However the group are immensely disappointed when the arrive at the top of the hill only to see that Alamos Town is sort of like Sootopolis City, surrounded by water. The town is also lying onto of a huge hill or mountain. A bridge leading to the town is seen in the distance and Brock exclaims that they must have come to the town on the wrong path, as they have no way on reaching the town. However, a lady riding on a hot air balloon with a Chimchar floats down to greet the group, offering them a ride to the town.

Later on the hot air balloon, the lady introduces herself as Alice. Brock suddenly starts to flirt around with Alice, checking in his blue book of women for her but is disappointed when he finds out that he has left her out. However he soon regains his composure and continues to flirt with Alice only to be struck down by Croagunk the next moment. With that behind them, Ash and Hikari introduces themselves before Chimchar blows more fire to make the balloon go higher.

As the group heads closer to the town, Ash and Hikari gasp at how beautiful everything looks from so high up. Hearing the word beautiful, Brock suddenly gets up, exclaiming that Alice is also beautiful much to the surprise of the others with his swift recovery. Alice then tells the group that she studies music at Alamos Town. She pulls out a tealeaf and starts to pay it like it was a musical instrument. Suddenly, a group of Pelipper and a group of Pidgey led by a Pidgeotto flies to the balloon, attracted by the soothing music of the tealeaf. When she finishes playing, she explains that the pokemon can tell humans about wind currents as all the other bird pokemon fly away. She then turns to Chimchar who blasts more fire into balloon as Pikachu runs up to greet Chimchar.

Closely behind the group in a Carnivine balloon are Team Rocket. They soon notice a group of Driftloon and Driftblim floating past. Seeing how cute the Driftloon are, Jessie pulls out a net and tries to catch one but fails. Seeing this, the Driftloon and Driftblim whips up a Gust attack, sending Team Rocket blasting off again.

Hikari soon notices a large, uniquely architectured building. The building has 2 towers joined together at the top and bottom stretching high into the sky. Alice says that the building is called the Space Time Tower and Brock starts to explain that someone called Gaudy designed the tower 100 years ago. Alice then points down to the place where the pokemon contest is being held, much to the excitement of Hikari. Meanwhile Ash is trying to figure out what will equal 100years when 10 is multiplied to it. In the end, Hikari has to tell him that the answer is 10 and Ash rubs his head embarrassed. Brock then reads from a book that the tower was named the Space Time Tower because the left side symbolizes space while the right side represents time.

Suddenly, large bursts of energy appear, rocking the hot air balloon around. Back in a lab somewhere, the same guy who was reading the book before is still trying to figure out why there this is happening. He figures out that that 2 powerful forces are battling each other somewhere but still doesn’t know every detail. Back in the hot air balloon, Alice apologizes for the strange event that just occurred. She volunteers to guide the group around Alamos Town to make up for the incident.

In town, a Gibile and a Bronzor are battling as many others watch. Alice shows Ash and the group around town. They stop for some fairy floss before continuing on with the tour. Everybody is eating their fairy floss except for Brock who is too busy admiring Alice, unable to realize that Ash and Pikachu are gobbling down all of his fairy floss because they’ve finished theirs. When Brock does decide to eat, the only thing he can taste is the stick the fairy floss was on. Ash quickly runs for it but ends up running into a Torterra with its trainer. A male and female trainer then shows, enticing Ash and the group into some battles.

Ash starts off against Torterra with Pikachu’s Thunderbolt but being a ground type, Torterra is unaffected by the attack. It responds with Bullet Seed but Pikachu dodges the attack and fires back with an Iron Tail.

Meanwhile Piplup and Empoleon are facing off against each other. Both pokemon puff themselves up to make themselves bigger but Piplup loses its balance and falls over.

Brock is facing the female trainer who is using an Infernape against his Croagunk. The two exchange Focus Punch and Poison Jab attacks respectively before Infernape fires a Flamethrower. Croagunk dodges before engaging Infernape again in a fast paced melee with fists.

Meanwhile, Piplup launches a Whirlpool attack but Empoleon freezes it with Ice Beam. Piplup then dives down with Peck as Empoleon jumps up with Drill Peck. Piplup comes off second best but quickly fires a Bubblebeam attack, which Empoleon takes easily. It then charges out at Piplup who is using a Whirlpool attack in the form of a tornado. The 2 emerge from the whirlpool fine. The events from Alice guiding the group around town up to now have all been without dialogue. Only music was played like in many pokemon movies at this point.

A while later, Alice leads the group down to a lovely garden in a peaceful part of town. In the pond are many pokemon swimming about. Alice explains that Gaudy also designed this place. (The garden is every similar to the secret garden in Pokemon Heroes) Many pokemon rush out to greet Alice and the group. She explains that she’s always played here when she was young so the pokemon here all know her as Ash, Hikari and Brock then send out all their pokemon to play with the others. Everybody rushes around the garden, excited by how beautiful everything is and how many pokemon there are. As the pokemon head over some stepping-stones across the pond, Happiny falls off but is caught by a Quagsire. It seems like everywhere the pokemon go, more and more pokemon will pop out to join them. All the pokemon soon find a playground where they all play around. Ash and the group are overlooking another part of the pond, which dazzling and gleaming with beauty.

As all the pokemon are having fun, Piplup is trying to pick a Pecha Berry off a tree but Pachirisu and Aipom take two before Piplup is able to get one. A Shinx then jumps at the last berry but Piplup manages to hold onto it with its beak. Just when everything seemed to be perfect, the fighting for the last berry causes a chain of dastardly events, which involve certain attacks being used, leaving all the pokemon, ready and willing to fight each other. Seeing what all the commotion was about, Ash and the group rush down to break the fighting up but Alice gets out her tealeaf again starts to play it. The soothing music calms all the pokemon down. The conflicts are all resolved with Piplup and Shinx each sharing a piece of the berry and all the pokemon making up.

Everybody compliments Alice on how beautiful her playing sounded and she says that her grandmother taught her the song. Suddenly a Gallade jumps out from the trees, informing Alice of something. It jumps off with Alice, Ash, Hikari and Brock following it after calling back their pokemon. Gallade brings everybody to some pillars that have been destroyed, leaving Alice in shock wondering who would do this.

Suddenly, a sophisticatedly dressed man appears saying that Darkrai did this. The man who is called Alberto explains that he has heard rumor of various sightings of Darkrai within the town. Alberto explains that Darkrai is a pokemon, filling the group in. Alice says that Darkrai is said to live in the garden before Brocks gives some information about Darkrai, that it can show people nightmares. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are spying on everybody as Alberto starts kicking one of the barely able to stand up towers.

Suddenly, something starts moving from within the bushes causing Alberto to think that it’s Darkrai. He then sends out his Lickylicky and tells it to fire a Hyper Beam attack. The attack hits its target but Darkrai wasn’t in the bushes. The person from within the lab before stubbles out rattled by the Hyper Beam before running into a tree. Alice then rushes over to assist him, shouting out Tonio.

When Tonio is all right, Alice introduces him to the group. Tonio explains that things around the city haven’t been normal so he decided to investigate. He starts searching things on his laptop before checking out the destroyed pillars. As Tonio inspects the pillars, a crumbling piece falls off and hits him in the head. Alice goes to help him but Alberto is against it. Alberto the wraps his arm around Alice’s shoulder, saying that she’s his future wife, much to the shock and disappointment of Brock. However Alice says that she’s already rejected Alberto once before and doesn’t plan on changing her decision. This comes as a relief to not only Brock but to Tonio as well who was also shocked before. However Alberto isn’t giving up yet as he tries to invite Alice back to his fancy mansion for tea but is stopped by Hikari. Thinking that she’s just some pesky child, Alberto starts yelling at her as in the background, Tonio quietly introduces Alberto as Baron to Ash.

Just as Alberto is about to grab her, Alice runs over to Tonio saying that she likes Tonio and not Alberto. However Baron doesn’t take this seriously saying that it’s only just a joke and surprisingly, Tonio agrees. Hearing this, Alice turns away from Tonio as he starts to have a flashback about when Alice and himself were just children playing in the very same garden they are in now. Tonio has Alice in his arms and to his surprise; she jumps up and hugs him.

Meanwhile, the battle is still raging one with Dialga and Palkia. The two fire Hyper Beams at each with neither one of the two standing out. The two attacks create a massive surge of energy.

Back at the garden, the surge of energy made through the Hyper Beams are also felt by everybody there. Tonio checks his laptop and it also shows some strange signals. Suddenly something starts to move from another path. The group all turn around to find a rock sliced perfectly in two. All the light starts to fade away from that area as a figure rises up from the shadows of the ground warning the group to stay away. The figure is the devious Darkrai.

Lickylicky fires a Hyper Beam at Darkrai but it uses the shadows to disappear and to dodge the attack. Darkrai as a shadow starts to dart around under everyone before appearing to fire a Dark Void attack. Lickylicky manages to dodge the attack but as a result, Ash is hit. The attack starts to engulf Ash in a sphere of darkness. Ash then tumbles deep down into the darkness before landing hard on the ground of the garden. However everything is a lot darker and that no one is around. Suddenly Ash notices that his shadow is actually Darkrai itself. Darkrai emerges showing a Palkia attacking Ash. Luckily this is just an illusion but Darkrai is still there. Ash tries to send out Turtwig to battle Darkrai but his pokeball simply disappears when he throws it.

Darkrai then disappears, leaving behind a figure of Pikachu in the distance. Ash starts to run at Pikachu but the ground suddenly turns into a large vortex, sucking both Ash and Pikachu in. Ash manages to grab Pikachu before being swept and engulfed by a heavy wave of darkness. Pikachu then fires a Thunderbolt attack.

Ash wakes up only to find himself in a pokemon center surrounded by Hikari, Brock, Nurse Joy, Alice and Tonio. Nurse Joy then explains that Darkrai had put Ash to sleep with its attack. She goes on to say that Ash was having a nightmare due to the special ability of Darkrai and that Pikachu woke him up. Nurse Joy explains that Darkrai is pretty much hated around the city due to the special ability it has, not just by humans but by pokemon also. Determined, Ash shouts out that he will once again face Darkrai just as Tonio leaves to do more research. However due to him thinking too much, Tonio walks straight into a wall, as Alice smiles saying that he hasn’t changed from when he was young.

That night, fireworks are being shot up into the sky probably because of the pokemon contest being held tomorrow. Tonio is somewhere looking at Gaudy’s diary, hoping to find something that will explain the current events. He stumbles onto a picture of Alice’s grandmother, Alicia (who looks almost exactly like Alice) sitting with possibly Gaudy. Tonio then starts reading the diary saying that Alicia met Darkrai when she was young. A flashback then appears of Alicia running over to some pokemon who were having a terrible nightmare. She then turns to a Luxray battling Darkrai but loses and also gets put into a nightmare. She suddenly sees Darkrai collapsing due to exhaustion and quickly rushes to its aid. The next moment the man who Alicia was sitting with sees Alicia playing her tealeaf to the pokemon. He then sees a shadow of Darkrai and immediately he knew that Alicia had bonded with Darkrai. The flashback ends here.

Tonio continues to read another page of the diary. Apparently, Gaudy knew of the future events that would occur. Gaudy knew that the town of Alamos would be in danger so he left behind something called Oracion.

Meanwhile Team Rocket have gone to meet with Baron. This time they’re dressed as TV show reporters and directors. They even have a camera. They try to convince Baron to let them follow him around town so they can see him defeat Darkrai. However the true intentions of Team Rocket are that they want to capture Darkrai for themselves.

The next day, Hikari buys some sort of charm from someone who looks very similar from the one who sold May the wish maker in Pokemon Movie 6 Jirachi, Wish Maker. He says that the item will prevent her from having any nightmares. Hikari quickly rushes back to the group with her newly acquired item. Ash however is still wondering about what attacked him in his nightmare. (He’s never met a Palkia so he wouldn’t know what it is)

The group arrives at the impressive Space Time Tower, the site for Dawn’s pokemon contest. Alice shows the group the contest hall and the stage at the back of the tower before other parts of the tower. She leads the group to the center part of the building where the 2 towers are linked There’s a statue above some sort structure designed to hold these large, round, disk shaped objects. She then gives the group a glimpse of the Space and Time Towers individually. Both towers look as identical on the inside as they do outside. Alice explains that Gaudy the designer of the towers is also the grandfather of Tonio before showing Ash and the group to his laboratory in the basement.

When they reach the lab, they find Tonio lying on the ground silently with loose paper all over the place. Alice rushes over to Tonio thinking that something bad had happened to him but soon discovers that Tonio has just sleeping on the floor due to working too hard. Alice drops Tonio’s head onto the ground much to the embarrassment of the rest of the group.

Tonio though soon recovers and explains some of the things he discovered last night. He shows Alice the picture he found of her grandmother, Alicia. On the back of the picture, Alice discovers some musical notes placed in a particular order to make a song with a picture of a tealeaf right below it. Meanwhile, Pikachu, Piplup and Chimchar are off playing with a large metallic disk with various engravings on it. After being juggled on Piplup’s head and being dropped by Pikachu, Ash eventually catches the disk. Upon putting it back, he notices that the laboratory is full of these disks. Tonio explains that the disks are records that are played at the top of the Space Time Tower for the whole town to hear. Hikari is eager to play one of the records and even after a warning from Tonio about how they’ll have to climb to the top floor, she still wants to go.

However a short while later when Ash and the group are scaling up the tower stairs, Hikari realizes that climbing the tower is harder than she had initially thought. Excited, Ash runs past everybody with Pikachu and up the seemingly endless, spiraling staircase of the tower but like Hikari, he soon starts complaining in exhaustion. He then looks outside the tower only to see the rest of the group float by, right past him in the hot air balloon Alice had. All Ash can do is stare as his ride goes past.

(Part 2)

A while later, Alice, Tonio, Hikari and Brock have reached the top of the tower. Ash soon stumbles up to the group, exhausted and with no energy left. As Hikari is about to place the record into the music player, Ash asks if he can do it after his arduous trek up the tower but his plea is rejected. Hikari sets the record into the player and after Alice pushes down a large lever, gears on the music player begin to turn. A lovely tune then starts to flow through the whole town from the largest musical instrument in the world.After experiencing the spectacular music player, Ash and the group head back down to ground in the hot air balloon. This time Ash is there is hitch a ride much to his relief. As the balloon lands, Ash, Hikari and Brock are greeted by the three trainers they battled before. They’re all eager to battle Ash and the group. This time, Hikari is facing off against the Infernape trainer with Buizel, Brock is vsing the Torterra trainer with Sudowoodo and Ash is taking on the final trainer with Pikachu. But before the battles can really get started, the battle in the dimensional rift takes a turn for the worse as Dialga starts to take advantage of Palkia’s injury with many attacks.Tonio rushes back to his lab and sees that the energy levels produced are far higher than usual but seeing that he doesn’t know about the battle between Dialga and Palkia, Tonio has no clue what is causing the strange energy currents. Palkia starts to flee from Dialga and it has its sights set of the Space Time Tower in Alamos Town. Somehow Palkia creates a massive burst of pink waves in the air, making it seem like the sky is shining. Everybody in Alamos Town sees this but the pink display soon disappears, much to the confusion of everyone.Suddenly, Darkrai appears from the shadows saying get out. Baron then shows up with Team Rocket filming him and he sends out his Lickylicky to battle it once more. Lickylicky attacks with Gyro Ball but Darkrai dodges the attack. It then hits Lickylicky with a Shock Wave attack. Lickylicky charges up a Hyper Beam attack but Darkrai strikes with Dark Void, missing Lickylicky but other pokemon within the area get hit instead. Buizel tries to stop Darkrai but is hit also along with Sudowoodo. Darkrai then flees with Ash, Baron and Team Rocket acting as TV show creators chasing it. Pikachu fires a Thunderbolt attack but Darkrai retreats back into the shadows and dodges the attack.While chasing, a hologram of Bibarel appears in front of Ash and Pikachu. It comes through one building before floating through the walls of another suggesting that it could be a spirit or ghost. After a while of chasing it, Ash suddenly sees Darkrai lurking in the shadows. Pikachu fires another Thunderbolt attack, this time hitting Darkrai and drawing it out. Pikachu then charges at Darkrai with Volt Tackle but the attack is dodged with Double Team. Pikachu continues to try and hit Darkrai, leaping off walls and using Volt Tackle.

Eventually, Baron shows up and tells Lickylicky to use Hyper Beam. Darkrai dodges the attack before putting Lickylicky to sleep with Dark Void. Baron desperately tries to wake Lickylicky up but Darkrai has already disappeared. Suddenly the illusion of Bibarel appears again, appearing in and out of walls. As Lickylicky is having its nightmare, Baron starts to get bigger and bigger. The next minute Baron has turned into a Lickylicky. Thinking that he’s having another nightmare, Ash tells Pikachu to hit him with one of its electric attacks. Pikachu does show, shocking Ash, showing that Ash is awake. At first Baron doesn’t realize the situation he’s in but after looking into a mirror, he screams out in shock.

Later, all the pokemon who have been hit by Darkrai’s Dark Void attack are in the pokemon center being looked after by Nurse Joy. Illusions of the stricken pokemon are also flying about the pokemon center just like the illusion of the Bibarel, proving that no one is hallucinating. Alice and Tonio continue bringing in more and more pokemon that have been struck down. Ash then bursts in quickly followed by Team Rocket carrying Lickylicky and Baron who is now a Lickylicky himself.

After discovering something, Tonio starts explaining that all the illusions are being triggered by all the pokemon who are having a dream where something scary is chasing after them thus creating the illusions of them fleeing through walls. Baron turned into a Lickylicky because his Lickylicky was having a dream about that. In other words, dreams are being turned into reality. Tonio also adds that this is all caused by some sort of spacial irregularity or a powerful force. (Don’t ask me what that means because I’m using a subbed version of the movie)

Baron immediately accuses Darkrai once more of these incidents before desperately trying to wake Lickylicky again. The three trainers Ash and the group were battling before suddenly rush in saying that no one can leave the city due to a heavy fog.

The three lead Ash and the group to the bridge leading into the city. Like they said before, no one can see anything beyond the bridge. The female trainer who had the Infernape sends out her Honkarow and tells it to use Defog. It does so but the attack is surprisingly useless against the powerful fog. Taking matters into his own hands, Ash and Pikachu rush into the fog. They continue running in a straight line but somehow find themselves back where they started with everybody.

Baron goes on again, accusing Darkrai of the misdeeds only this time he forms a group to take on Darkrai. Most of the trainers leave followed by the three trainers from before. Ash, Hikari and Brock are just about to go before being stopped. Tonio explains openly, mainly to Alice that when they were little, Alice was playing dangerously on a high ledge of the garden despite warnings from Tonio. Alice however loses her footing and starts falling, hurtling to the ground. Luckily Darkrai shows up to catch Alice and brings her to safety. During the fall, Alice had been unconscious. Tonio quickly rushes to her side just as Darkrai leaves. At this time, Alice wakes up mistaking Tonio as the one who had saved her, thus hugging him. To this day, Tonio wasn’t sure about who had saved Alice but now he truly knows that it was Darkrai.

Flying overhead of the city is a Driftblim carrying a camera. The camera sends what its recording back to Tonio’s laptop back at his lab. Suddenly Tonio notices something on one of the clips when there was a disturbance before Ash’s, Hikari’s, and Brock’s battles at the Space Time Tower. He pauses the clip and zooms in. Tonio then sees something from where all the energy and strange disturbances are coming from. At the top of the tower is Palkia.

Meanwhile, the group led by Baron has soon located Darkrai standing on top of a building. They immediately start attacking with Infernape launching a Flamethrower. Darkrai blocks the attack before Infernape charges at it with Mach Punch. It blocks that as well before receiving an Ice Beam attack from Empoleon however Darkrai is also able to escape from the attack. Darkrai now though is completely surrounded. With this chance, everybody blasts away an attack but even after the combined strength of about ten trainers’ pokemon, Darkrai is still unparsed by their attacks. It quickly responds with a Dark Void, hitting every pokemon surrounding it, putting them into a nightmare.

With encouragement from Team Rocket, Baron realizes that he’s now a pokemon and steps into battle. He starts off with Gyro Ball but Darkrai easily dodges the attack. Baron quickly responds with Wrap, hitting Darkrai and immobilizing it. Even now though Darkrai is able to fling Baron around into Team Rocket, sending them along with Baron blasting off into some trees in the town.

At the pokemon center, Tonio shows his discovery to Ash and the group. Ash quickly realizes that what Tonio discovered is what he saw in his nightmare that attacked him, Palkia. He then explains that Darkrai appeared all those times because it had sensed Palkia coming. With this, everybody realizes that Darkrai was talking to Palkia, telling it to get out of the city. The group finally deduct that Palkia is somewhere inside the city.

The group quickly rushes over to the Space Time Tower, finding Darkrai there. Darkrai flies up to the top of the tower before being pummeled into the ground. Finally Palkia shows itself to everyone just as Darkrai emerges to battle once more. It fires a Dark Pulse attack but Palkia dodges before removing all the fog covering the city, revealing a terrifying fact. The sky is now a brutal storm; the same menacing sky it was back in the dimension Palkia was battling Dialga in. The sky is completely dark as clouds twisted about like whirlpools with roaring thunder clashes viciously.

At the pokemon center, as soon as Palkia changes the sky from a foggy nightmare to a devastating storm, the pokemon who were having the nightmares have all woken up meaning that they’re cured. There are no more illusions floating about and Baron has turned back to his normal self.

By now not just Alamos Town but the surrounding areas are blanketed by the same dark sky caused by Palkia. Tonio discovers that Alamos Town is now in a different dimension. Buizel and Sudowoodo suddenly run out much to the delight of Hikari and Brock. Tonio explains that because Palkia is in the same dimension as all the pokemon who were having nightmares, the attack cast by Darkrai is broken. (This part was very confusing, I didn’t write this part too well so try a make this part out.)

By looking at its broken pearl orb, Alice suddenly notices that Palkia is injured. Darkrai starts the battle again by firing a Dark Pulse attack at Palkia, hitting it perfectly. However Palkia takes the attack with ease. Darkrai tries again with Shock Wave smashing Palkia but it is still unphased. Palkia takes a swipe at Darkrai but misses before giving chase to the fleeing Darkrai. After a while, Palkia launches an Aura Sphere attack but Darkrai is just able to block it with Shock Wave. Suddenly bullets come out of nowhere, hitting both Darkrai and Palkia. After the barrage of bullets ends, the attacker is revealed as Dialga, the pokemon that rules over time.

Dialga immediately goes for Palkia, biting it and taking it down into the ground. As the two mighty pokemon continue to battle, fragments of the town begin to disappear like breadcrumbs caught in an updraft. Taking this opportunity, Palkia makes a break for it and tries to flee from Dialga. However Dialga chases after it before firing a Hyper Beam, hitting Palkia and bringing it to the ground. Dialga roars in triumph, rattling the whole town with it. Palkia manages to somehow get back to its feet though to continue the battle.

Tonio explains that Palkia must have been battling Dialga in another dimension but it got injured. It brought this city into its dimension as an attempt to escape and hide itself from Dialga. The battle continues with Dialga firing a Hyper Beam and Palkia using Aura Sphere. The attacks collide with even power just as both pokemon take to the air once more. They both fire attack after attack with neither one able to clearly hit their opponent. However when a badly directed Aura Sphere somehow misses Dialga and heads for the Space Time Tower, Darkrai jumps in the way and takes the hit, protecting the tower from harm. Fortunately, Darkrai is all right

Tonio then recites what he read at the start of the movie in Gaudy’s diary. Suddenly the gem on both Dialga and Palkia begin to shine as they charge up for their individual special attack. The two pokemon take in large amounts of energy before firing their attack, Palkia using Spacial Rend and Dialga with Roar of Time. The two attacks collide evenly in a dazzling explosion, sending shockwaves around the whole of Alamos Town. More parts of the town begin to fade away just like it did before.

The two mighty titans continue to do battle with some misdirected Hyper Beam attacks hitting the garden. Seeing all the destruction caused, Alice tries shouting up to Dialga and Palkia in hope that they’ll stop their fighting. However the two don’t bother to pay any attention her and continue on fighting. Dialga gets the upper hand on the battle and starts to slam Palkia into the ground right at Alice. Just before Alice gets hit, Darkrai leaps in the way to incept the two titans and blows then away with Dark Pulse.

Darkrai then flies up to do battle with Dialga and Palkia. Dialga and Palkia continue to fire attacks at not just each other but also at Darkrai. Dialga is the only one hit but is barely phased by the attack. Darkrai strikes back with Dark Void but Dialga and Palkia block the attack with their shields. The two then strike back together with Hyper Beam and Aura Sphere respectively, blasting Darkrai into the garden. Ash and the group go chase after the fallen Darkrai leaving Dialga and Palkia to carry on with their battle.

Later, the group finds Darkrai, leaning on a tree hurt. Darkrai mistakes Alice for Alicia, her grandmother due them looking so similar. Alice corrects him as Ash and the group rush around Darkrai, all apologizing for not realizing that Darkrai was trying to protect the city, not destroy it. Darkrai then disappears through the ground and to the battle.

Dialga fires some more of those devastating bullets, hitting Palkia. Some of them miss Palkia and head for the Space Time Tower but Darkrai again leaps in the way and protects the tower from harm with Dark Pulse. More parts of the city continue to disappear as civilians flee for their lives. Tonio explains that when all the city disappears, they’ll be trapped in the dimension they’re in now, never to return to the one they were originally in.

Wondering how to stop the fighting and save the city, Tonio remembers something the Gaudy wrote in his diary. Apparently Gaudy left behind something called the Oracion that could quell the fighting. Alice immediately pulls out her picture of her grandmother. See says that the song on the back, the song her grandmother taught her is called Oracion. With this, Tonio concludes that Gaudy foresaw these events and left behind the Oracion on a record so that when this day did come, they could use it to stop the fighting.

After searching the lab with no luck, Ash and the group quickly rushes over to the Space Time Tower where the Oracion would be. However there are heaps of records lodged within the circular holders of the records. Alice begins to have a flashback of when Alicia was playing the Oracion on a tealeaf to her when she was just a little girl. She soon stops the flashback, remembering that Oracion means prayer. Suddenly she realizes that picture right below where the song is written on the photo matches one engraved on one of the records. Alice informs everybody and the group quickly dislodges the record from its holder. Alice then calls out Chimchar for their last task, placing the Oracion into the music player at the top of the tower to stop the fighting.

(Part 3)
In the garden, Brock has left Ash and the group and has joined up with Nurse Joy to round up all the civilians into the garden. As Dialga fires more of its bullet attack, some go astray and head directly for the garden. The three trainers from before with Infernape, Torterra and Empoleon with the help of Croagunk all block the bullets from reaching the garden. Nurse Joy then heads deeper into the garden to help calm everybody down as Brock looks towards the Space Time Tower, desperately hoping that Ash and Hikari will find the answer to the problem soon.Back at the tower, Ash, Hikari, Alice and Tonio are scaling up the tower in Alice’s balloon as Dialga and Palkia fly precariously close to the balloon. Palkia launches an Aura Sphere but misses Darkrai. The attack heads for the balloon instead but Darkrai gets in the way and blocks the attack. However the aftershock sends Piplup flying over the edge. Ash quickly sends out his Staravia and it flies down, catching Piplup on its back just before certain disaster.Dialga uses its multiple bullet attack again. Darkrai this time however is only able to block some of the bullets that missed Palkia. As a result, one of the bullets hits the balloon, destroying part of the basket. Hikari starts to lose her balance and falls but Ash is able to grab her hand. Palkia suddenly flies past causing Ash to lose his grip on Hikari’s arm. Hikari falls but luckily lands on an overhanging ledge. Dialga then flies past the balloon, causing Ash to fall as well. Somehow Ash lands on one of the architectural structures of the tower and slides down to Hikari with the Oracion in his grasp. Pikachu then leaps off and Staravia catches it, bringing it over to Ash. (This might be the first time when someone is so close to death on Pokemon)Dialga starts to charge up a Roar of Time attack as Palkia floats in front of the balloon. Dialga fires but Palkia dodges the attack, leaving Alice and Tonio wide open. However Darkrai takes the attack instead, falling out of the sky badly injured. As a result of the aftershock, Tonio loses his grasp and falls of the balloon, leaving Alice in the balloon by herself.As the balloon starts falling towards a bridge leading up to the garden, Alice grabs Chimchar and prepares to jump. Baron below tries to save Alice but instead falls as he’s running up to her. Alice jumps but only barely lands on the bridge. She begins to wobble about but Lickylicky just catches her with its tongue. Lickylicky though loses its grip and as a result, Alice starts to fall off. Luckily, Tonio grabs her as he floats down to the bridge using the Driftblim with the camera. Alice thanks Lickylicky, mistaking it for Baron. Baron then comes along saying that he’s back to normal just as the bridge starts to disappear.

Back at the tower, Ash calls out his Aipom and Turtwig to provide him and Hikari with protection as they hike up the tower, which is also disappearing at a rapid rate. As the group climbs up, more of Dialga’s misdirected bullets heads for the tower. Aipom and Turtwig stop the blasts with Swift and Razor Leaf attack respectively.

At the garden, Brock finds Darkrai lying motionless in the pond. With the help of some pokemon, Brock drags Darkrai out just as Alice and Tonio arrive. Alice crouches down and leans over Darkrai to check if it’s okay. Darkrai then starts to have a flashback of when it was also injured like this and that Alicia was leaning over it just like Alice is doing now.

Back at the tower, part of the stairs has disappeared leaving a huge gapping hole between the group and the next flight of stairs. Hikari then has an idea and sends out her Buizel and Buneary. Buizel uses Water Gun before Buneary frees it with Ice Beam, creating another pathway up to the stairs that haven’t disappeared yet.

Back at the garden, all the pokemon are trying to slow the rate that the garden is disappearing with their attacks as the battle continues to go on. Alice then stands up, desperately trying to stop the two pokemon from fighting. Darkrai suddenly remembers back to the flashback he had before. Alicia told him that he could stay at the garden for as long as he wants, as it was everybody’s garden.

Suddenly, the gems of both Dialga and Palkia begin to glow meaning that they’re going to use their signature attacks. Tonio exclaims that if the attacks collide once more, the town could be totally wiped out. But with its last ounce of strength, Darkrai flies up to the battles. By then, Dialga and Palkia have fully charged up a Roar of Time and Spacial Rend attack respectively. They fire their attacks but Darkrai intercepts both attacks and tries to contain the attacks and the two titans together within some sort of dome like barrier. The force of the attacks has died down, only breaking away tiny parts of the town. Darkrai then engages in a fierce battle between Dialga and Palkia within the dome.

Back at the tower, most of the outside has disappeared leaving a very unstable staircase. Suddenly there is a massive explosion from the battle and Ash loses his footing and falls off the stairs. Hikari grabs his arm but can’t pull him up and as a result, she also falls. Buizel uses Water Gun and knocks the two along with Piplup to a safe ledge. The group then all begins to climb but possibly different parts of the towers. (The pokemon at the Space side and the other at the Time part).

Back at the battle, Darkrai is no longer able to contain Dialga and Palkia. The two titans then finish Darkrai off with a Hyper Beam and Aura Sphere. Darkrai is blasted away after making the ultimate sacrifice to protect the town.

Using Darkrai’s heroics and bravery as an inspiration, Ash and Hikari climb to the top of the tower where the record player is. There they meet with their pokemon and begin to set everything up. However there’s a problem. The record with the Oracion on it won’t fit into the slot of the record player.

Back at the battle, Dialga and Palkia charge up another one of their signature attacks. With Darkrai gone, all everybody’s hopes and lives hinge on Ash and Hikari.

Back at the tower, Hikari figures out that they put the Oracion in the wrong slot. Quickly finding the right one, Ash places it in before with Hikari, starts up the record player. However there’s another problem, there’s not enough power for the machine to work.

By now, Dialga and Palkia have finished charging up their attacks and are about to fire. The town is still disintegrating at a fast pace meaning that the end is imminent if Ash and Hikari don’t pull through.

At the tower, Hikari calls out her Pachirisu to help charge up the record player with Pikachu. Pachirisu uses Discharge and Pikachu uses Thunderbolt. After a massive effort, the two just manage to hold their attacks for long enough to start up the record player once more. After a long nervous wait, the first chime is heard from the record player. The Oracion, the song Alicia taught to her granddaughter Alice begins to play throughout what is left of Alamos Town.

Both Dialga and Palkia hear the tune and calm themselves down. Everybody watches on from the garden relieved but in an array of disbelief as well. The tune begins to repair the tower, making the tower glow. Because of the tune, the orb on Palkia has been healed. Dialga stares at Palkia for a moment before heading off, back to its own dimension. Palkia takes a look at the tower before hearing pleas from Ash and Hikari to turn Alamos Town back to the way it was before. Palkia does so; repairing the town and returning it back to its original dimension.

After a blinding flash, the town is brought back to where it was before this incident. Blue skies rain over the town as everybody celebrates, having got through such a disaster.

That evening, Ash, Hikari, Brock, Alice and Tonio are at the garden overlooking the pond. Everybody begins to remember all the times Darkrai sacrificed its own life just to protect the town. After apologizing again, Ash leaves the garden along with everybody else. Suddenly Ash notices Darkrai’s shadow upon a cliff. Everybody turns around before turning to the Space Time Tower. Sure enough at the very top, Darkrai stands tall, much to the delight of everybody seeing the hero and protector of the town of Alamos.

The whole of Alamos Town is preparing for the pokemon contest the next day. The three trainers from before are also surprisingly coordinators and are entering. The one with the Torterra faces off against the one with the Empoleon. Hikari with her Piplup is facing against the trainer with the Infernape. This means that Hikari at least has made it to the second round. In the end the trainer with the Infernape wins not just the match but the contest as well. Meanwhile Team Rocket is trying to steal from Baron but get caught by Baron himself. It’s not known what happens to them after that. After the contest, Ash, Hikari and Brock are bidding Alice and Tonio goodbye who are in the balloon. The two seem to be getting along very well like it’s the start of a relationship. Pictures of Alice and Tonio with the pokemon in the garden are then shown before a shot of Ash and the group continuing on the winding road of the pokemon world. And with this, as the book to this adventure closes and another one opens to tell a new story, another dazzling chapter in the lives of our heroes.

·The ending song in the credits was entirely English and was made up from the Oracion.
·Dialga fired way more Hyper Beams than the PP limit. Remember also about Palkia’s Pressure ability too.
·All the pokemon ready to fight are Hikari’s pokemon against the pokemon in the garden back when the group were in the garden playing with the pokemon there.
·Hikari wears a different dress in her pokemon contest in the credits
·This movie has been the most popular movie so far and easily the best. 9/10

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