Pokemon Ranger Batonnage: Diary

I started my Partner as Pochamae so my Rival Sunjo got Turcruois.

There are alot of complicated things in this game.

I captured Kysorock and Muchiaop and the Legendary Dialruga!!

I need Palkuria to finish the Game so I went to Spierek Pilelar to get it. I tried capturing Palkuria but Nasmoe, Keira, and Kangsee (Lake Legendarys) blocked Palkuria. I first captured Nasmoe than Keira and just then I figured out you capture Palkuria after beating the Game!!

So I I captured the last legendary and finally the will, emotion, and luck that Palkuria had finally disappeared!

Palkuria is now weakened from 52 circles to 32 circles. Kuhia and Shuggeinie is in a place called Gravoknight carveo. You need Kuhia and Shuggeinie to battle Palkuria because without the Energy Stone Pokeghost Palkuria is almost Invincible.

Good News! I defeated Palkuria in 2.30 minutes!!

Neganeo and Pareiyus finally come and tell you that Darkurai has been causing all the bad things in the world so you need to use the Ranger Styler to catch Palkuria to have 6 surf Power so you can cross the Spirkeu River. Finally after catching Darkurai I used his energy stone to unlock the Gateway to the Shinnosch reigon (Sinnoh). After traveling and meeting Ash in the Shinnosch reigon you go to the Jujari’s Krias which is in the left of Lucas. You will catch Manapheer and Recieve Phixone as a Prize.

The Game is now Optional.

I went to Special missions and I did The “Volcaenic Firheatenee” mission (The Heat of Heatran). I first had to go to Stark Mountin in the Shinnosch reigon. Then when you place the Vorkex staron on the middle of the Mountin, Hartenfire appears! You should really use a Water energy stone.

I did the Special Mission “Lite of Coriang” (Light of the West Crescent “Cressila”). I first went to the Micasso Wave (Darkrai’s Midnight Fortune) and I seeked into the dream of happiness and thats where you fight Cressiloai.

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