Pokemon Emerald Cheats

Pokemon Emerald

Reset Game

Hold Select + Start + A + B during game play.

Battle Tower Prizes

Complete tasks in the Battle Tower to earn the following prizes:

1-5 Victories:

 bullet Calcium
 bullet Carbos
 bullet HP Up
 bullet Iron
 bullet Protein
 bullet Zinc

6 or more Victories:

 bullet Bright Powder
 bullet Choice Band
 bullet Focus Band
 bullet King’s Rock
 bullet Leftovers
 bullet Mental Herb
 bullet Quick Claw
 bullet Scope Lens
 bullet White Herb

50 Victories in a row:

 bullet Award Ribbon
 bullet Silver Shield

100 Victories in a row:

 bullet Gold Shield

Find Latias/Latios

Once you become the Pokemon League Champion, pay extra attention to the TV. It will broadcast information about a super-rare Pokemon. After that, be on the lookout for Latias (Ruby) or Latios (Sapphire).

Watch TV for Hints

Watch television to see commercials advertising bargains and the like. Here are some occurrences to keep your eyes peeled for:

 bullet A commercial for the Mauville Game Corner. When it plays, head over there for increased prizes.
 bullet A commercial for the Lilycove Department Store. Get a discount after you see the commercial.
 bullet Pokemon sighting information. When the TV tells you a specific Pokemon is spotted, go to that location to find the monster in question.
 bullet A commercial for the Slateport City energy guy. Go to him to get energy items at a reduced price.
 bullet A commercial for the Berry Blender Master.

Berry Blender Master

Tell the Berry Blender Master’s Wife certain phrases to get the following berries:

 bullet SUPER HUSTLE: You will get a Belue Berry.
 bullet COOL LATIOS: You will get a Durin Berry.
 bullet CHALLENGE CONTEST: You will get a Pamtre Berry.
 bullet GREAT BATTLE: You will get a Spelon Berry.
 bullet OVERWHELMING LATIAS: You will get a Watmel Berry.

Changing Glitch Block (Japanese Version)

Go to the fifth city and Surf on the route that has a sign on the water. Next to it is a glitched block. Swim back and forth and it will change.

Battle Without Link Cable

Use a link cable, go into a Pokemon Center, and mix records. Come out and disconnect the link cable. Go to the person’s Secret Hideout and they will be there. Talk to them, and you will battle them.

Mix Records in the Pokemon Center

Disconnect the link and go to the Battle Tower and battle. You might see a person that has the same name and Pokemon as your “Mixing Record” buddy.

Get Mystery Event

After you beat the Elite Four, go to Petalburg City and talk to the man by the computer. He’ll ask you for a profile. Tell him “Mystery Event Is Excited”. After you’re done talking to him, save your game and turn your GameBoy off and then back on. You’ll now have the Mystery Event option unlocked.

Get More Master Balls

Every time you get 6 matches at the Lottery Corner at the Lilycove Department Store, you will win a free Master Ball.

Bunny Hops

When you get the Acro Bike, go on it and don’t move. Now hold B and you’ll start bunny hopping.

Safari Madness

You can get “free” time in the Safari Zone by simply not moving from the area where your target Pokemon is. Stand on one square in that zone and lightly tap the D-pad to change the character’s facing. Each facing doesn’t count towards the step-limit but will count for having an encounter.

Alternately, use the bike to hop-move around. Once you enter the Safari Zone get on the bike and hold B to start hopping. Press the direction you want to go while hopping (to avoid using steps) and you can stay as long as you like.

Item Bringer

This cheat will get you some pretty good items early on in the game. All you have to do is catch a Zigzagoon. As you travel around with it, it will have an item attached to it. Keep checking and it will have a new item every so often. This is due to the Pick-up ability.

Upgrade Trainer ID

You can upgrade your trainer ID (from normal to bronze, to copper, to silver, and then to gold) by doing the following things in any order:

 bullet Become the Pokemon league champion.
 bullet Complete your Pokedex.
 bullet Beat 50 trainers in the battle tower.
 bullet Receive a ribbon from all five contest types in the master ranking.

Cloning Glitch (Pokemon Emerald)

If you’ve been wondering about the cloning glitch that was in Pokemon Gold and Silver, it’s in Pokemon Emerald as well. The only difference is that it involves a few more steps and can only be done in Pokemon Emerald. Below are the steps to do this.

  1. Head into the Battle Tower and access the PC.
  2. Deposit the Pokemon you want to clone into one of the boxes.
  3. Close the PC and save the game from the menu.
  4. After saving the game, open up the PC and withdraw the Pokemon you deposited.
  5. Head over to the closest counter and enter in the challenge.
  6. This forces the game to be saved, while doing this, turn console off while the game is being saved.
  7. Turn your console on again and look at your new cloned Pokemon, one will be in your party and the other in the position when you deposited it.

If you want, you can even attach and item to your Pokemon and the item will also be coned so for rare TM’s like Earthquake, this is very handy. Also, you can clone up to five Pokemon at once, just make sure that you know where you stored them.

Battle in a Friend’s Secret Base

Once you link up at Pokemon Record Corner, your friend’s Secret Base will appear in your game. Once you enter the Hall of Fame, find the Base, and you’ll be able to fight your friend there.

Unlock National Pokedex

Trade from Pokemon FireRed or Pokemon LeafGreen.

Unlock Rare Stones

You can find there near Mossdeep, under the water. You have to go to the Hunter’s House.

 bullet Fire Stone: Give the Shard Hunter a Red Shard.
 bullet Leaf Stone: Give the Shard Hunter a Green Shard.
 bullet Thunder Stone: Give the Shard Hunter a Yellow Shard.
 bullet Water Stone: Give the Shard Hunter a Blue Shard.

Unlock Scarfs

 bullet Blue Scarf: make sure you have maximum beauty on lead Pokemon.
 bullet Green Scarf: make sure you have maximum smartness on lead Pokemon.
 bullet Pink Scarf: make sure you have maximum cuteness on lead Pokemon.
 bullet Red Scarf: make sure you have maximum coolness on lead Pokemon.
 bullet Yellow Scarf: make sure you have maximum toughness on lead Pokemon.

Find Shell Bell and Shiny Spheal

In the Shoal Cave north of the hunter’s house is Shoal Stone and Shoal Sand. The sand is easy to find in mounds, but you have to wait for the tide to get the stone. Randomly you’ll find a Shiny Spheal.

How to Get a Master Ball

In Team Aqua/Magma’s Hideout is the easiest place to get the Master Ball. Step in to the room with the teleport pads then find the right one that will lead you to the office. You’ll see four balls, so get the ones at the left because the right ones are Electrodes. You should get a Gold Nugget and a Master Ball. Remember, you won’t get it later in the game.

Bring Fossil to Life

You will first need to go to the Fossil Maniac, who is located on Route 114 (south of Fallarbor Town). He will say to go to the desert. Proceed to Route 111, go to the sandstorm, and go all the way to the right. There you will find two fossils: the Claw Fossil and the Root Fossil. Pick one, then go to Rustboro City. Go to the president’s office and go in a room with lots of scientists. Talk to the one in the lower right hand corner. Then go outside and walk around for about 30 seconds and go back in to talk to the same scientist as before. He will give you your Pokemon from the fossil.

Lottery Ticket Save/Load Exploit

Go to the Lilycove counter, save the game and expire the rest of the (real) day with Pokemon in hand or a storage box. Proceed to play the lottery and check to see if the numbers on the lottery match any of your Pokemon’s original (not current) trainer ID numbers. If not, you reset and reload the save.

Otherwise, the number of lottery digits matching your Pokemon trainer ID’s grabs you a prize depending on the matches:
3rd Prize (2 Correct Digits) – ooo## = PP Up
2nd Prize (3 Correct Digits) – oo### = Exp. Share
1st Prize (4 Correct Digits) – o#### = Max Revive
Big Prize (5 Correct Digits) – ##### = Master Ball

Of course the more trainer ID’s you have (gotten by trading Pokemon you caught for ones other players have caught) the more likely you will get and faster you will get the Naster Ball prize. This is of course, the non-glitch method of gaining PP Up and the Master Ball.

Mystery Gift

Just go to any PokeMart and on the counter you will find a survey. Answer “link together with all”.


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