Pokemon Crimson: The Sequel to Mystery Dungeon 2

Chapter 1: The Beggining of the Darkness….



“I will not lose to you Dialga! I will win!”

“Dialgru!!!!!!!!! You have been a traitor! You turned my friend into a pokemon! Now you will pay! Roar of Time!”

ROOOOOOAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAA!!!!! Shing!!  Who’s that? “Palkru!!!”

2 against 1 is no fare! *Goes into a Portal*

Chapter 2: I am back from being a Pokemon!

“Hey Wake up!” “Huh? Shunjii?” Shunjii:”You’ve been sleeping for years Satoshi! The doctor said you would wake up in a long time because you were having a Nightmare!” Satoshi:*Hmmm… It wasn’t really a nightmare….*”Where are we anyway?” Shunjii:”We’re at Diamond City! Your mom said when you wake up, you will start being a Pokemon Trainer! We chose the Pokemon called Turtwig for you!” Satoshii:*Hmmmm…. Wasn’t Turtwig my partner in my Exploration Team?*”Okay……” Suddenly Satoshis mom came. Satoshii’s mom:”You finally woke up! We thought you should be a Pokemon Trainer! Is that okay with you?” Satoshii:”Sure why not?” Satoshii’s mom: I already packed you a bag for your adventure and you can get your trainer card from Professor Linda! Also I hope your okay with a Turtwig!” Satoshii:”Should I go right now?” Satoshii’s mom:”Yes..” Satoshi and Shunjii went out and Satoshii’s mom cried and tears ran down from her eyes. 

Chapter 3: The Proffesor Linda

Satoshii and Shunjii finally arrived at the Proffesor’s lab. Proffesor Linda:”Hello you must be Shunjii and Satoshii! (Hands Satoshii his Trainer Card) This is your Trainer Card Satoshii, showing proof that you are a pokemon trainer. Satoshii, Shunjii, I would like you to do a favor for me. I would like you to collect Data of all the Pokemon in the world. Now I have to tell you one thing. When you were in school, you have only learned about pokemon from the Sinnoh, Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn reigon. This is the Aothis reigon. More than 100 pokemon are still waiting to be discovered. Now have these PokeDexes. A PokeDex scans the pokemon in front of you and it collects their Data. Now go to the wild and find new pokemon. Satoshii and Shunjii go outside. Shunjii:”Hey Satoshii! I think we should seperate so we can find more pokemon and we can also sign up for contests and The Aothis League! But First we battle!

Chapter 4: The First Battle!

Shunjii:”Go Chimchar!” Satoshii:”Go Turtwig!” Chimchar:”Chimcha!” Turtiwg:”Turtweeg!” Shunjii:”Sorry but I’ve been doing some training while you were gone! Chimchar! Flame Wheel!.!” Chimchar went straight to Turtwig, using Flame wheel. Satoshii:”Turtwig! Dodge and use Tackle!” Turtwig jumped to dodge Chimchar’s Flame Wheel and Turtwig Tackled Chimchar. The Tackle was a Direct Hit! Chimchar:”Chimchaaa………” Shunjii:”Chimchar use dig!” Chimchar digged a hole and went inside it. Satoshi:”Turtwig! Follow Chimchar through the hole and use Tackle!” Turtwig instead used Razor Leaf in the hole and Chimchar came out of the hole, Fainted. Satoshii:”Turtwig! You learned a new move so quickly!” Shunjii:”I guess we should now go and sign up for the Pokemon Leauge at the Pokemon Centre.”

Chapter 5: Signing up for the New Adventure!

Nurse Joy:”Hi I’m Nurse Joy and I will be helping you at this Pokemon Centre!” Satoshii:”Can we sign up for the Leauge?”  Nurse Joy:”Sure! Just put your Trainer Card on that Scanner and you can give me your Pokemon if they need to be Healed!” Satoshii and Shunjii put their Trainer Cards on the Scanner and they restored their Pokemon. Nurse Joy:”Bye!” Satoshii and Shunjii went outside. Shunjii:”Hey Satoshi… I think we should now seperate. We can battle again someday when we meet!” Satoshii:”Sure! Why not?” Satoshii and Shunjii both went to different routes.

Chapter 6: Seperated Rivals?

Satoshii saw Proffesor Linda in the route he was going to. Satoshii:”Hello Proffesor! What are you doing?” Proffesor Linda:”Well I want to give you a Pokeball! A Pokeball can capture a Pokemon. You know that right?” Satoshii:”Yeah!” Proffesor gave the 5 Pokeballs to Satoshii.

Chapter 7: Riolu’s Trust

Riolu:”Rio! Rio!” Riolu appeared in front of Satoshii! Satoshii:”Gooo Turtwig!” Turtwig:”Turteeg!” Riolu:’Rio!!!!!!!!” Rio used Force Palm andhit Turtwig badly! Satoshii:”Turtwig use Razor Leaf while jumping and when you land use Tackle!” Turtwig flew in the air while using Razor Leaf and came tumbling down using Tackle on Riolu. Satoshii:”Go Pokeball!” Pokeball:”*************” Satoshii:”I caught a Riolu!”

Chapter 8: The 2nd Battle

Satoshii went through the woods until he met Youngster Daivid! Daivid:”You’ll have to fight me to go to the Levelle City! Gooo Kabuto! Satoshii:”Riolu! Standby!” Daivid:”Kabuto! Use Rock Tomb!” Satoshii:”Riolu! You Focus Punch!” Kabuto used Rock Tomb, but Riolu Smashed it with Focus Punch! Satoshii:”Now use Drain Punch!” Riolu Jumped through the sky and smashed onto Kabuto using Draing Punch. Daivid:”Nooo! Kabuto!”

Chapter 9: Levelle City awaits!

Satoshii arrived at Levelle city then suddenly a stranger with a X stole a pokemon from someone. Stranger:”Now I have the Empoleon!” Satoshii:”Turtwig! Use Razor Leaf to stop that trainer!” Turtwig used a very harsh Razor Leaf on the Stranger. Stranger:”Augh!! Now Echronose go!” Pokedex:”Echronose the Echo Pokemon. The Echronose hibernate in the fall and use echo’s to communicate with Pokemon.” Echronose:”ECHO!!!” Stranger:”Echronose now use Sound Blast!” Echronose made a huge screech. Suddenly Turtwig jumped in the air and changed form. Grotle:”Growt!” Satoshii:You evolved already? Grotle now use Mega Drain!” Echronose:”Echro…” Echronose fainted.

Chapter 10: The X Pokemon Hunters?

Stranger:”Your a strong boy. I’m sorry for attacking you. I feel betrade for joining the Pokemon X Hunters. Satoshii:”Huhh? Who are they?” Hunter:”Long time ago a pokemon was strong enough to combine Meteors and and Asteroids to create Earth. It was called Nagurya The Invincible one. One day I joined a clan called the Pokemon X Hunters. I now realize everything I’ve done. Now I must go.” Satoshii:”Well then bye…” The Hunter flew with his Echronose and went into the sky. Satoshii:”Well now its Ttme to get the Mirror Badge!”

Next Story: Pokemon Crimson: The Adventure has ended. Now lets have another!

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