Ideas for Games

Inforce: The Heavenly Mutant Summoners

Game: Long time ago more than 9 Trillion monsters called the Incrones and Inforces in a land called the Heavant. There was one special Inforce that created the lands. He was called Inforce just like the name of the animals because he was the first one born. 65 million years later the dinosaurs came and after another 65 million years, Humans were born. One day a Scientist named Proffesor Exwern created a special machine that made Humans go into the world of Heavent. Unfortunatly instead the monsters from there came instead, but in cards called InCards. On day people got InCards and learned to train them, Battle with them, and have fun with them. On that exact same day only 2 babies were born. They were named Ray Borne and Klaus Dragin. Both of there Last Names were a name of a Monster. Borne: Broneos in Heavent Language. Dragin: Dragonisector in Heavent Language. Both grew up and got their InCards as Teenagers. In the Future: They became Total Arch enemies and at the end their anger was so strong they were seperated to two Opposite Clans. The Heavenly and the Mutants. Many people joined the Clans and people used InCards to fight. But one Monster called Heavenly Mutant Matrixsoar saved them from a huge war.

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