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Action Replay Firmware

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I heard about a new Firmware called Action Replay 1.54. I have it and now I have special Features! Connect your Action Replay with your Computer and press Software upgrade to get it.

Spacial Roar and Rend of Time: Rumour! and Pokemon POKEC

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If you have heard 2 attacks called Spacial Roar and Rend of Time, Those Attacks are a FAKE!!

There are alot of starting characters you can choose from in Project PokeC: Kanto, Johto, Emerald, TV Manga, and Sinnoh. I also have a special gift for players who play on Holidays. On Holidays go to your mother and she will give you a Special Item. After you got every Special Item from every Holiday, go to Professor Neil and he will give you a Special Code. Type the Special code in the Pokemon Base and you will be able to catch more Pokemon! Still Remember. I am not finished Project PokeC Crinsomine.

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Project PokeC

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I just wanted to tell you that in PokeC you have a choice to have 1 of the 9 starters. I might release the game in March or I might cancel it because it is malfunctioning a little.

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Pokemon Web Manager 2

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I found out about a New Pokemon Web Manager.

It is called Pokemon Web Manager 2. To get it, you must press on Upgrade on Pokemon Web Manager and you will get a Bar. The Bar will say

Please type the EXE upgrade code. Type in: XQL3289PO which is Pokemon Web. Then press Submit and it will say: Please type in Confirmation Code and write pkmon and ZAM! Press Submit and it will instantly download it!

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Pokemon Web Manager

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I found out a New EXE program. It is called Pokemon Web Manager. You must have Firefox, Java, and Windows Xp or Macontonish. Complete the EXE link download and type Pokefushigino Pocketmonstars Pokm. You will get a XQ link saying The Pokemon Link is a Secure page do you wish to access? And press Yes. After about 1 hour go to your Computer Managing page and press Docountments. After that you will see Something called: Pokemaster EXE. Press it and press Pokemon Web Manager. And ZAM! you can create Pokemon, make an Account and Play Pokemon with No Downloading! (But you need to make an Account). This Web Manager has a 6% chance of Deleting all your files on the Computer.

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How to change Songs in Pokemon-Explorers

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how to enter sound test mode

1. you must backup your savefile.
most debug items DESTROY savefile

2. add and enable this cheat code

(time version)
94000130 FFFB0000
B20B4658 00000000
200000C0 00000008
D2000000 00000000

3. press select button on top menu
(cursor will jump to outside of frame)

4. press A button

5. mmm follow video

6. X button = play       Y = stop

Action Replay

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I have an Action replay and I just want to show you an Example of using it.

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