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Pokemon Ranger Batonnage

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Just a small note that Pokemon Ranger Batonnage has been released in Japan today. The highly anticipated game is a sequel to the first version which was very popular. So if you can, get your hands on a copy because if it was anything like the first one, it should be pretty good. Also, “coincidentally” the one hour Pokemon Ranger special will also air on the same day. It’ll feature the male protagonist of Pokemon Ranger Batonnage and a return made by Hunter J.

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Pokemon Forums

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Our Pokemon Forums website is:



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Please go to the Pokemon Rise of Darkrai page because there is a Surprise!

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 will Air at USA on April 21st.

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Sorry that I haven’t been making posts lately. But now that I finished the whole Spectrobes game, I will go back on schedule.

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Pokemon Ranch News

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More information has been revealed about Everyone’s Pokemon Ranch from the game’s website. The game will be downloadable for 1000 Wii points from the 25th of March in Japan. Also, if you have multiples copies of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or both, you can use 8 games at once to store 1000 different pokemon on the ranch. The tranfered pokemon however must be returned to the original game it came from so you can’t trade with yourself via the farm (at least not yet with other games).

Also, the owner of the ranch Yukari will on some occasions be willing to trade pokemon with you. It’s unknown how often, when or what she’ll trade yet. She sometimes might also give you the location details of a certain pokemon you might not have seen in your pokedex so you’ll be able to go back and catch it. Yukari will also bring a new pokemon to the ranch everyday, allowing you to interact with it despite you not owning it. The pokemon on the ranch can also be arranged according to type, ability, etc. It also seems like the more pokemon you send onto the farm, some extra features will be unlocked like more various camera angles and such. More information to you when it’s revealed.

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Movie Ending

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Well according to Bulbanews, Crystal Kay, a 22 year old R&B singer will be singing the ending song for the 11th pokemon movie, Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky, Shaymin. The ending is called ONE. Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky, Shaymin is going to debut in cinemas in Japan on the 19th of July.

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Info-New Movie

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Information has been revealed about the 11th Pokemon movie Giratina and the Bouquet of the Sky Shaymin from the official japanese website as well as a new trailer for the movie. If you don’t want to know what happens in the movie or the basic plot, I suggest you stop reading now.

In the last movie, Dialga and Palkia had a massive battle in the small town of Alamos. Well the battle has apparently distorted both time and space. Meanwhile in another world or dimension called the Reverse World a place which is a mirror image of the Pokemon world, dark, poisonous clouds have begun to enshroud the area due to the battle between the titans of time and space. The ruler of the Reverse World, Giratina has become enraged at the destruction caused from the battle. With this, it starts to lure Dialga over to the Reverse World…

The villain for the movie is known as Zero. He wears a Giratina themed outfit with the number 0 emprinted on his chest, hence the name Zero. Zero owns a Magnezone as well as a massive army of Magnemite. 0 also owns a robot called Infi who in turn controls his mothership called Megaliba. 0’s goal in the movie is to capture Giratina and of course, use it to become ruler of the world. Another new character has also been revealed for the movie, an explorer who looks a bit like Buck from the Diamond and Pearl games. His name is Mugen and he’s a talented scholar studying about the Reverse World. He owns a Shieldon.

Shaymin’s role in the movie has also been particially revealed. It uses telepathic powers to locate Ash and the group before guiding them to a garden of some kind called the Flower Garden of Glacidia. Shaymin’s other role, if it has any others roles has not been revealed yet. Regigigas is another legenday pokemon said to feature in the movie. All that is known so far about Regigigas is that it has awoken somewhere, possibly from the Flower Garden of Glacidia. Other pokemon’s roles in the movie such as Palkia has not yet been revealed yet.

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Pokemon Ranger Batonnage: Airing in Japan!

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It looks like a new show is going to air Japan at March 20th

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Sorry I haven’t been making alot of posts. I have been playing my new game: Spectrobes.

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