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A Question I got in my E-Mail

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Hello Hyper1210,

How come you don’t do alot of Posts?

Answer: I don’t because I have a special project and I am still working on it. The Project is called:

Project PokeC.

It is about creating a New Game for our Website but its taking along Time.

Pokemon Web Manager

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I found out a New EXE program. It is called Pokemon Web Manager. You must have Firefox, Java, and Windows Xp or Macontonish. Complete the EXE link download and type Pokefushigino Pocketmonstars Pokm. You will get a XQ link saying The Pokemon Link is a Secure page do you wish to access? And press Yes. After about 1 hour go to your Computer Managing page and press Docountments. After that you will see Something called: Pokemaster EXE. Press it and press Pokemon Web Manager. And ZAM! you can create Pokemon, make an Account and Play Pokemon with No Downloading! (But you need to make an Account). This Web Manager has a 6% chance of Deleting all your files on the Computer.

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